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 Can you put a    

vacation in a can?

Beach Vacation = Coconuts + Vodka + Rum

  Have you ever been on vacation and wanted the moment to last forever?  Ever had a tough day that you wished you could run away from?  With our crazy lifestyles we are ALL looking for an escape.  


  CoCo was created to be FUN, to be an ESCAPE, and to be a MOMENT that takes you back to your "happy" place or back to YOU.   At CoCo, we love being that moment of relaxation, that moment of fun, that moment of celebration, and of course, that moment for YOU and all you LOVE about life.

 We hope CoCo makes your day a little brighter, and that it helps you escape to your happy place! 

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Good Things Start with CoCo!

In a world full of unnatural, sugar-flavored malt/alcohol drinks

we want to be DIFFERENT!!

So, we set out to make a great tasting, BETTER-FOR-YOU beverage, that can

be enjoyed and shared with the world.  

 Quality NATURAL ingredients are important to us. 

It starts with Fresh Coconut Water.  

Followed by Triple Distilled Vodka,

or Imported Premium Caribbean White Rum.  

 Add Fresh Sparkling Water to help all the ingredients come together. 

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Coco Vodka
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