Beach Party in a CAN!

Need an ESCAPE? Bring the Beach HOME with CoCo Rum!! (CoCo Vodka's Partner in crime). It's hard to believe a better combination than Coconut and Rum...and now you can have it all the time with CoCo Rum.

We KNOW you will enjoy CoCo Rum. We have taken the same quality and effort that we put into CoCo Vodka, and created CoCo Rum with a ton of LOVE and PASSION. CoCo Rum refreshingly combines REAL Coconut Water from the Philippines, Fresh Puerto Rican Rum, and a splash of Natural Sparkling Water all together into a convenient can. Wherever you are in this world, you'll be able to ESCAPE to your happy place with CoCo Rum. Now available ONLINE at and throughout the US and Canada. ENJOY. Let us know what you think!

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