Can you put a VACATION in a CAN?

OUR first official BLOG post!

Wow...what an adventure it has been so far. To all started with a simple question...can you put a Vacation IN a Can? First thought that came to mind was thought was Vodka and Rum. That is why CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum are so tasty. They both have REAL Coconut Water, and they BOTH take you away to a happy place like being on vacation.

Ingredients matter to us too. We didn't just want to make a great tasting product, we wanted to make a product that used simple, natural ingredients (that of course tastes amazing). We are VERY proud of CoCo Vodka and CoCo Rum, and are so excited to be expanding around the world. Escape with CoCo and tell us what you think they next time you ENJOY CoCo!

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