CoCo Vodka LIME...Yes PLEASE!

CoCo Vodka Lime in a coconut
CoCo Vodka Lime

Well...CoCo Vodka LIME is already a big hit NATIONWIDE in the USA!! We thank EVERYONE for the love and appreciate all the amazing posts. CoCo Vodka Lime is the perfect combination of citrus and hydration, all thrown together in a fun lime green can.

Now available is most of the states we offer CoCo Vodka in, and officially available online at !!

If you are out sharing any CoCo Vodka or CoCo Rum make sure to tag us on social @enjoycocolife !! We look forward to hearing all about you LOVING our new CoCo!!

For more info, message us online or check out our website:

CHEERS from all of us!! #enjoycoco #cocovodkalime #NEW

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