Less Covid, MORE CoCo Vodka

Coco Vodka, CoCo Rum, Coco Vodka Lime, CoCo Vodka Pineapple, Escape with CoCo
CoCo Vodka is Expanding in 2021!!

Welcome to 2021. What a year 2020 was for the ENTIRE world. In a year that CoVid took the world by storm, we think 2021 should be MORE CoCo and LESS Covid. So we are launching MORE CoCo Vodka. As of March you will start to see our NEW CoCo Vodka LIME and CoCo Vodka Pineapple. We know the world could use an ESCAPE more than ever.

That being said, we would like to cheers to all the staff in the health care industry, working hard to keep us all healthy and safe. We hope you, and everyone finds a bit of an escape with CoCo and wish you nothing but the BEST in 2021. #2021 #NEWCOCO #COCOVODKA #COCOVODKALIME #COCOVODKAPINEAPPLE #COCORUM #ESCAPEWITHCOCO #RealCoconutWater

AS always for more info check us out at www.EnjoyCoCo.com or follow us on social media @enjoycocolife !

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